Executor-Class Super Saxton Star Dreadbringer

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The Executor-Class Super Saxton Star Dreadbringer was 186,000 miles long (so large that it took light one full second to travel from end to end) and the Empire built 60 of them. It was also known as the Super star destroyer, only less super.

To staff their fleet, the Empire had to clone every citizen of the galaxy a hundred times. This left them a group of enemies to use the Star Dreadbringers against, at which point everyone turned to the guy next to them and admitted that this had actually been a pretty bad idea since this made their enemies trigger happy . In the mean time it was decided, they should blow up the trigger happy people. this one blew up, when a guy touched it with an A-wing.

Their ultimate fate remains a mystery. Maybe the clones died of old age,causing random crashes and bumps, bruises, and mushroom clouds in the middle of no where, or Darth Darth Binks looked at it, causing it to be destroyed because he was ugly. The most popular theory is that Wedge Antilles used some grenade to KABBBOM/FARTED,t it.

[Edit] Behind the scenes

There has been significant debate about the actual size of Executor-Class Super Saxton Star Dreadbringers. Some fans (known as "idiots" by any respectable Star Wars fan) consider the canonically accepted figures of 600 million 186,000-mile-long vessels to be "unrealistic," even though it's canon so shutup DAMMIT!!! THEY'RE BIGGER THAN THE GALAXY!!! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ACCEPT IT, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST?!?!

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