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Human (clone)




6 foot

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Clone Wars through the rise of the Empire through New Republic times.

"I love you, Jedi babe."
―Sandy the sand trooper to Teruzen, just before having some serious relations.

Sandy was a sandtrooper, yatta yatta yatta


[Edit] Biography

[Edit] Early life

Sandy was "born" on Kamino. He was intended to be a normal sandtrooper, but someway, somehow, something went wrong. He was cruelly treated by the Kaminoans growing up, because he was defective. He could not help annoying people, dancing to Fighri Dan and the Modal Nodes, and making many insane friends. Needless to say, the Kaminoans were not happy with that either, and once again attempted to proceed with their original plan to terminate him.

[Edit] Defective Sandtrooper

Upon finding this out, Sandy and his homies staged a rebellion[1] against the Kaminoans, who quickly raised up an army to hunt him and his gang down. This was interpreted as a hostile action by the Empire, which cracked down all heck onto the force looking for Sandy. During the chaos of the Empire-versus-antitroopers, he made his escape.

[Edit] Departure From Kamino

With the help of a troopers Thief, Hotwire, and Burnout, he escaped at the end of the revolt, vowing to return one day. Little did he know the only reason his escape was successful was that he had been helped by the Jedi Teruzen Kabaan.

[Edit] Meeting Teruzen

Sandy was quit surprised to see her on board "his" stolen ship. Apparently, she had hijacked it herself, after dispatching the guards around it, and by stealthily hiding aboard, fooled the Kaminoans into thinking that it was indeed Sandy & Company who had taken. She and Sandy got to know each other quickly, and soon fell in love.

( An adventure )

Nine months after the escape from Kamino, Teruzen had a baby girl who they named Lust.

[Edit] ~ ~ Stuff in between ~ ~

Did they have more kids? What happened since then? Sandy did eventually return to Kamino, and with the help of Ordo (another defective clone trooper), DESTROYED IT!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

[Edit] Death

Who? How? When?

None known of, apparently it seems that he was defective in even that way.

(When he DID die, who killed him? How did he die? When?)

[Edit] Personality

ST-5409 was a silly, fun-loving, crazy Sandtrooper. (Give him a break, he just wanted to have fun!)

[Edit] Relationships

[Edit] Relationship with Kaminoans

ST-5409 dreamed of revenge on the Kaminoans, who had made him defective. He hated them nearly to the point of obsession, as he was nearly made into "spare parts" (LOL, I remember this--reword it to include that he was going to be for the organ banks) by them at an early stage in his training. Eventually, he got his loved one, Teruzen, to get the freaks back avenge him, he personally dealt with some of them.

[Edit] Relationship with (fellow clone trooper)

He had several fellow trooper friends, including

[Edit] Relationship with Teruzen

He had much sex with Teruzen.

[Edit] Legacy

<insert name here> had better fill this in!

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